3 Quick Tips for Taking Amazing Photos of Your Classic Car

Ideal Classic Cars April 19, 2022

3 Quick Tips for Taking Amazing Photos of Your Classic Car

As a classic car collector, you've put a lot of work into your collection. It only makes sense that you want to show it off. Photography is one way to capture and show off your cars, but if you're not a photographer, taking masterful photos can be difficult. But no worries. Follow these three quick tips for taking amazing photos of your classic car and you'll be shooting professional level photos in no time!

Consider Time and Weather

Most likely, you'll be shooting your car outside. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can make photography a bit tricky. Photograph during the wrong weather and the wrong time of day, and your photos will come out wonky.

Most professional photographers agree that the best time for shooting is during dawn or dusk on a sunny day. During the blue and golden hours, there will be minimal sun, which means no unwanted glare. The colors will also be rich and defined.

The blue hour (dawn) will give your photos a cool undertone, while the golden hour (dusk) will give it a warmer tone. Choose between them according to the kind of personality you want your photos to exude.

Use a Filter

If you're using a regular camera (not your phone), your camera's settings matter. But unless you've taken photography lessons before, choosing the right aperture, ISO, and shutter speed isn't a walk in the park.

But that's fine. Because even if you're not a photo whiz, you can still rely on filters. No, not that weird cat filter. A professional filter like a circular polarizer will reduce glare, improve sharpness, and enhance the vibrancy of your photos.

The Angle

We all have our angles. Some of us look best from the side. Others look better from a head on perspective. Your car is the same way. The most common angles used in automotive photography include:

  • Front Head On
  • Front 1/3 Angle
  • Front 3/4 Angle
  • Side Head On
  • Rear 1/3 Angle
  • Rear 3/4 Angle
  • Rear Head On

Not sure which one is most flattering to your car? Take a few preliminary shots and compare to see what looks good and what doesn't.

Those are our quick tips for taking amazing photos of your classic car. Of course, there are plenty of other things to consider when photographing your car, but these three are the most fundamental.

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