5 Modern Parts You Can Put on a Classic Car

October 07, 2022

5 Modern Parts You Can Put on a Classic Car

While it’s typically better for a vintage vehicle’s value to keep its form as close to the original as possible, there are still many modern parts car owners can put on a classic to help its resale value. Our guide offers simple examples of modern parts every classic car owner can use on their vehicle.

#1: New Engine

As much as classic car owners may love the sound of a vintage engine, it can also be the source of many problems. Finding the right parts for an old engine that requires repairs can be a headache and incredibly expensive.

One way to skirt these challenges is to swap out an old engine for a modern one. While this is a substantial undertaking that won’t be cheap, a more modern engine makes a classic more reliable and valuable to many collectors.

#2: Power Steering

If you’ve got a classic car—one more than seven decades old—you know that it didn’t come standard with power steering. If your vintage vehicle doesn’t have power steering to this day, it may be time to finally make that upgrade.

A power steering system makes driving a classic car more comfortable, fun, and safer, as it gives drivers greater control of the vehicle.

Fun Fact: The first mass-production model to come with a power steering system was the 1951 Chrysler Imperial; other automakers quickly adopted the technology and followed suit.

#3: Air Conditioning

Back in the day, air conditioning was more of a luxury than a given in most vehicles. Even if a vintage ride does have air conditioning, it’s typically one of the first systems to malfunction and fail.

Installing a new, modern air conditioning system is relatively easy and can make your classic car more valuable to other collectors. Plus, air conditioning will make driving your vehicle in the summer much more comfortable!

#4: Disc Brakes

Although they first came along in the ‘60s, it wasn’t until the ‘80s that disc brakes became the predominant brake system over the classic drum brakes. While drum brakes are capable and safe, they wear out much quicker than disc brakes and require more replacements and repairs.

If your vintage ride still has the old drum brakes it came with, swapping them out for some modern ones is a worthwhile investment in your car’s value and safety.

#5: LED Lights

Some of the easiest and most inexpensive modern parts you can put on a classic car are LED headlights and taillights. It’s relatively simple to install LED headlights on a vintage ride, and it’s a change that offers many advantages.

LED headlights look better than old, dull bulbs, offering greater visibility and making the old car safer to drive at night.

So, how will you upgrade your classic car? If you’re ever looking for classic car dealers in Florida, Ideal Classic Cars can help you find your dream ride!