5 Cool Classic Car Features That Newer Cars Don’t Have

August 02, 2022

5 Cool Classic Car Features That Newer Cars Don’t Have

Vehicles have changed dramatically since their inception. From the time of horse-drawn buggies to today’s sleek, high-tech cars, we’ve seen numerous features come and go. Here are some of the coolest classic car features that you just don’t see anymore, some for better, some for worse.

Built-In Car Phones

Now obsolete thanks to the prevalence of personal cell phones, built-in car phones were once all the rage. Usually kept in a small compartment beside the driver’s seat, these phones were connected to the car battery and sported external antennas.

Window Cranks

The predecessor to power windows, crank-operated windows came with a small crank you had to hand-turn to move the glass pane. While power windows are certainly more convenient, they won’t give you the exercise or the thrill that turning the crank at top speed on a hot day did.

Dimmer Switches

Technically, newer cars still have this feature, just in a different place. The dimmer switch was originally located on the steering wheel until car manufacturers decided they were distracting and moved them to the floor. These floor dimmers were big, and you could activate them easily by tapping them with your foot. Eventually, the switch from rear-wheel to front-wheel drive drove the dimmer from the crowded footwell back to the steering wheel.

Wood Side Panels

Before steel was easily accessible and affordable for car manufacturers, they occasionally used wood to supplant the bodywork of their cars, and thus the “woody” was born. Woodies, which were cars with wooden panels on the exterior, were a huge fad from the 1930s to the 1990s. These wood-paneled cars were especially popular among the surfing community for their natural, gnarly look.

Mini Bars

The 1950s were a wild time. The cars of this era were essentially metal death traps with minimal safety features...but you know what they did have? Mini bars. Yes, mini bars! Crack open the glove box, and you’d discover shot glasses and a bottle of booze tucked away inside. At the time, these mini bars were perfectly legal. As for why this feature got nixed...well, take your best guess.

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