5 Reasons Why Classic Cars Thrive in the Summer

August 30, 2022

5 Reasons Why Classic Cars Thrive in the Summer

There’s plenty to love about the summer season—open beaches, grill-outs, pool parties, and much more. But for car enthusiasts like us, summer is when classic cars thrive; our guide will explain why summer is the best season for vintage vehicles.

Drive Them Every Day

For many classic car owners, the limits and fragility of a decades-old classic car prevent it from being drivable 365 days a year. For those in mild or cold climates, it’s too risky to take out a vintage vehicle in the middle of winter or even most days in the spring or fall.

Classic cars thrive in the summer when the weather is pleasantly warm, and car owners can take them out practically any day. After having to let their most prized possession sit in storage for months, summer is when car owners can let loose and enjoy every second of owning their classic car.

Pro Tip: Older cars can overheat in the sweltering sun faster than typical vehicles, so keep an eye on the temperature gauge on hot summer days.

Warm Car = Happy Car

A classic car that’s been around for a few (or more) decades may not be able to eat up the road and rack up the miles like it used to—but it’s still best to take it out regularly. That’s why the summer is more fun for classic car owners and better for the vintage vehicle’s health.

Even decades-old vehicles are meant to be driven and run better when they can warm up their engines and hit the road. Driving a classic car allows it to keep its machinery and components adequately lubricated and warm. It’s not much different than a horse in a stable—a classic car doesn’t want to be cooped up all year!

Ideal for Open-Tops & Convertibles

Many people’s classic dream car is an open-top coupe or convertible sports car that lets them feel the natural air rush by as they smoothly drive down the road. Obviously, it’s not much fun to let the top down when it’s chilly outside!

The summer is the chance for open-tops, soft-tops, and convertible classic car models to finally hit the road and show off to the world. It’s not only the best season for owners but car enthusiasts like us who finally get to see these beautiful models hit the road again!

Show Off at Car Shows

Summer isn’t just about backyard barbecues, fireworks, and baseball—it’s also car show season! Summer is when classic car dealers in Florida and around the country organize the most prominent car shows to display some of the finest vehicles you’ll ever see.

At these outdoor car shows, you’ll see a wider variety of cars compared to indoor car shows that are more limited in scope. It’s not a real summer without visiting at least one outdoor car show and checking out some sweet rides!