5 Ways You Can Customize Your Classic Car

October 10, 2022

5 Ways You Can Customize Your Classic Car

Do you want your vintage ride to reflect your traits and personality more? Below, we show some of the most popular ways classic car owners can customize their vehicles without damaging the resale value!

Fresh Paint Job

On the exterior of a classic car, you don’t want to make too many changes or replace too many parts as many will consider it a stain on the classic look and harm the resale value. But, a fresh paint job is an inoffensive way to customize your vintage vehicle to be uniquely yours.

You don’t want to get too crazy or wild with the paint job—the paint scheme should fit with the classic car and its era. But the right color and design can make your timeless vehicle look decades younger and increase its resale value substantially!

Personalized Floormats

Inside the car, floormats are both a practical addition to any vehicle and are an opportunity to make your car more unique to you. Some purists may scoff at having modern floormats in a vintage vehicle, but they help keep the car clean and distinguish it from others.

Car owners can personalize their floor mats with a name, initials, or whatever else may be desired and in any color they want to better match the classic car’s interior. It’s a subtle but noticeable way to customize your classic car without making any drastic changes.

Custom Seat Covers

If your classic car still has the original seats and upholstery or has recently been restored, you’ll want to protect them from wear and tear. A set of custom seat covers is another win-win for car owners who want to protect their vehicle and make it stand out more.

Car owners can get custom seat covers in whatever color or style, from simple schemes that blend into the seats to more luxurious and personalized styles.

New Steering Wheel

Many classic car owners would prefer to have the original parts instead of new ones—especially the steering wheel. But if you have to replace the steering wheel because the original is in poor condition, it opens an opportunity for some customization.

Again, you’ll want the new part to fit and provide the same feeling as the era the classic car originated from, but there are plenty of unique and exciting steering wheels to consider that’ll instantly make your vintage vehicle special.

Unique Shift Knob & Pedals

Like the steering wheel, a classic car would ideally have the original shift knob and pedals, but sometimes that’s impossible. In those cases, replacing the shift knob and pedals with something more custom can be a fun and exciting twist.

Pro Tip: If you plan to one day sell your classic car, you’ll want to avoid putting your name, initials, or other personal customizations on the shift knob or pedals.

With all kinds of materials, finishes, colors, and even lettering to choose from, drivers can easily customize their classic cars in ways that add to their uniqueness and resale value.

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