How To Draw a Crowd at Your Next Classic Car Show

Ideal Classic Cars April 21, 2022

how to draw a crowd at your next classic car show

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced pro, attending a car show can be nerve-wracking! You want your car to be well-received by attendees and judges alike, so your display has to be perfect. To help you create an attention-grabbing display that will wow, here's our advice on how to draw a crowd at your next classic car show.

Detail Your Car

Before the show, take the time to detail your car. And we don't just mean doing a basic wash and polish. At a car show, even the most miniscule details matter. Take the time to make your car gleam. Use a Q-tip to clean the air vents and the dash, use stain remover on the floors, seats, and even the ceiling, and detail and shine the engine bay. By the end of your detailing journey, your car should be immaculate. It's much easier to admire the beauty of a classic car when said beauty isn't concealed by smudges and stains!

Do Repairs

If your car has any cosmetic or functional imperfections, you'll want to iron them out before the big day. Take your car to your local auto shop or pick up some tools and sort out any scratches or mechanical problems yourself.

Don't Neglect the Engine

This is something that a lot of enthusiasts new to car shows just don't do. The cosmetic side of your car is important, of course, but most attendees and judges also love to admire the guts of classic cars! Most classics require some degree of restoration in order to function properly. But most of these functional mods aren't found on the outside of your vehicle, but rather beneath the hood. The stuff that's under the hood shows how much love and care you've put into restoring and transforming your classic car, so don't be afraid to showcase it.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows makes it much easier to see your car's interior. Many attendees will be hesitant to touch your car and open the doors themselves, so if your windows are closed, they may not bother to check out your car's interior at all. And if you spent time cleaning and detailing your interior, that's such a waste!

Some car owners may be hesitant to open their windows because they're fearful of attendees reaching inside their car and tampering with things, but most people who attend car shows are very courteous. They understand how much work you've put into your classic car and will know not to touch it without permission.

Park Under the Shade

A lot of car shows are held in summer, when the sun and heat are relentless! Show up to the car show early to secure a spot in the shade. Alternatively, you can invest in a canopy tent to provide you, your car, and any attendees relief from the unforgiving summer weather. When you park in the shade, people will flock to your car and stick around longer than usual to relish in the coolness of both the air and your car.

Get Creative

Some people get really creative with their display. The more unique your display is, the more it will stand out and the more admirers it will attract. When used sparingly, props are one way to jazz up your display. Decorative prop bars are a great choice because they stand out but don't detract from the rest of your vehicle. Another option is to secure a replica model of your car and display this mini-me on the dash.

At casual shows, the goal is to have a good time, and less emphasis is placed on judging. If you're attending a more casual car show, you can be a bit more excessive with props. Use stickers, toy cars, and other trinkets to create a fun collage in or outside your car. A lot of parents like to bring their children to casual car shows. You can make a few kids smile by placing stuffed animals of popular characters inside of your car.

Display Photos

If you have old photos of your car—whether they're photos from way back when, photos taken at a past car show, or photos from your recent cross-state trip—show them off! People will love to see how your car has transformed over time. They'll also enjoy seeing all the exciting adventures your car's been on. Looking at these relics of time will help them form a more personal connection with your car and make them appreciate it more.

Provide a Mods List & Other Documents

People come to car shows to look at nice-looking cars, but they also come to learn about automotive history. You won't be able to personally speak with every person who comes to see your car, but you can provide them with pertinent information about your car by putting the original documents (paper advertisements, the owner’s manual, and spec stickers, if you have them) and a poster board that lists any mods you've made on full display. You can go even more in-depth and create a board with fun facts about your car and the year it was originally manufactured.

Be Yourself

The car owners aren't the main focus of car shows, but having a strong presence can certainly help attract and retain a crowd. You don't have to hoop and holler or force a cheery, outgoing personality if you're the more stoic type; just be yourself, and people will naturally be drawn to you. Cars often reflect their owners’ personalities, and it can be fun for attendees to see that unique juxtaposition.

These tips on how to draw a crowd at your next classic car show will help you stand out among a sea of other classics. Remember: keep your vehicle in good condition and be authentic, and fellow car enthusiasts will naturally be drawn to your display.

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how to draw a crowd at your next classic car show