The 4 Best Modern Upgrades You Can Make to Your Classic Car

June 09, 2022

The 4 Best Modern Upgrades You Can Make to Your Classic Car

When it comes to classic cars, mods are a sensitive topic. On the one hand, you want your classic car to run optimally. On the other hand, too many mods can ruin its classic charm. So emerges the question: how do you revamp a classic car without erasing its character? The answer to that question is to choose "invisible mods" that you don't see or that add rather than detract from your car's appearance. Here are the four best modern upgrades you can make to your classic car without squashing its spirit.


Not all classic cars have A/C. If they do have A/C, many don’t work properly. Without A/C, summer and winter driving can be miserable. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to a unit that will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

Power Steering

In 1951, automobiles saw a crucial invention: power steering. Power steering makes it easier to maneuver the wheel. Driving without power steering can be hard, as it requires you to put more force into each turn of the wheel. If your car was built before the 50s, we recommend upgrading it with power steering. This will make it easier and less risky to drive. It also comes with the bonus of dramatically decreasing fuel consumption.

Electronic Ignition System

Another one of the best modern upgrades you can make to your classic car is giving it a new ignition system. Most classic cars built before the 1980s have a points ignition system, which is what turns the ignition coil on and off. Unfortunately, this system contains many moving parts that rub together and wear each other down. This gradual deterioration can cause performance issues, starting problems, and even total failure. An electrical ignition system works similarly to a points ignition system but has fewer moving parts, making it less likely to break.

Radial Tires

Most classic cars feature bias-ply tires, which are characterized by crisscross patterned plies overlapping each other. These tires generate a lot of heat and wear down quickly. We recommend replacing them with radial tires.

Radial tires have plies that are parallel to one another. They provide superior traction, cornering, and steering. They also won't wear down as quickly as bias-ply tires. While radial tires may look a bit odd on your classic car, the difference won't be that noticeable unless you look close.

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