The 4 Best Automotive Museums in America

July 26, 2022

The 4 Best Automotive Museums in America

The auto industry was built on the pure creativity, technical prowess, and commitment of early innovators like Henry Ford and the Duryea brothers. The work of these early innovators led to an auto boom not just across the US, but the entire world. Many of the earliest cars in American history are now retired and living leisurely in museums across the country. Let's check out some of the best automotive museums found in the USA and why all auto enthusiasts should pay them a visit.

America's Car Museum (Tacoma, Washington)

Located just south of Seattle in Tacoma, America's Car Museum is home to a portion of Harold LeMay's impressive 3,000+ car collection. The gallery showcases around 350 cars known for their design, speed, technology, and role in automotive history, including a 1983 Mercury Colony Park station wagon and a Duesenberg SJ. The museum also features a theatre where you can learn more about certain cars, a speed zone where you can race around a slot car track, and a family zone if you're a parent who wants to introduce your kids to the joys of cars.

The Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, Michigan)

Henry Ford played a massive role in developing the US auto industry, and today, you can see relics from his time in the Henry Ford Museum in the suburbs of Dearborn, Michigan. The Henry Ford Museum is designated as a National Historic Landmark, and for good reason. It contains important historical pieces like John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine, the Rosa Parks bus, and the Wright Brother's bicycle shop! While the Henry Ford has numerous car displays, it's not just a car showcase—it's a complete nod to the history of the automobile industry in the US and features exhibits about engineering, science, bikes, steam engines, and more!

The Brumos Collection (Jacksonville, Florida)

The Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida is a love song to cockpit racing and Porsche competition cars. Featuring automotive innovations like the 1894 Peugeot, vintage racing engines, equipment, drivers' gear, and Porsche race cars from 1953-2017, this museum is every race fan and gearhead's paradise.

The Lane Motor Museum (Nashville, Tennessee)

If you're a fan of European cars and oddities, the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee has you covered. Boasting beautiful, weird European vehicles like microcars, three-wheeler cars, military cars, the propeller-powered 1932 Helicon, and a replica of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion car, this is the place to go if you want to see cars that are practically out of this world.

Of course, this list doesn't cover all the amazing automotive museums America has to offer. There are over 140 car museums in North America. Find one near you and get your daily dose of auto history today!

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