What Are the Most Sought-After Classic Cars?

December 07, 2022

What Are the Most Sought-After Classic Cars?

What are the most sought-after classic cars in the automotive world? While everyone has an opinion, and it’s impossible to make a fully comprehensive list, we share some examples of vintage vehicles that are most desired worldwide below.

Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevy is one of the biggest auto brands in the world, and a large part of its success is due to its incredible muscle car models from the 70s that lifted the manufacturer to new heights. One of the models that paved the way was the Chevy Chevelle, which many consider the ideal American muscle car.

The Chevy Chevelle was and is an incredibly powerful car, and its timeless design still looks as cool today as the day it first came off the production line. All Chevelles are hot commodities, but the prized jewel in many eyes is the Chevelle SS LS6 convertible—equipped with the most powerful available engine, at the time, with up to 450 horsepower.

Dodge Hemi Challenger

The Chevelle was far from the only great muscle car in the 70s to emerge out of Detroit—the Dodge Hemi Challenger was also staking its claim as the best of the best. The Hemi Challenger is pure muscle and style, and in 1970, Dodge introduced the R/T model (Road & Track), adding another engine option for even more power and substance.

Today, the Dodge Hemi Challenge R/T is one of the most prized collectible muscle cars with its timeless design and undeniable coolness. There are plenty of classic Dodge Challengers, but the Hemi Challenger R/T is considered the cream of the crop.

Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

Of course, plenty of sought-after classic cars aren’t just American muscle roadsters! In the 60s, Mercedes-Benz introduced what many consider the best car in the brand’s history: the 230 SL (also known as the W 113).

At the time, the sleek and stylish luxury coupe was on par—and some may say surpassing—anything that Ferrari or Jaguar were making at the time. The 230 SL was ahead of its time in its ability to balance refined comfort and high-powered performance, and it remains a renowned classic luxury car.

Ferrari 250 GTO

It’s practically impossible to make a list of desirable classic vehicles without including at least one vintage Ferrari model—and if one had to choose, many would say the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO stands out among the rest. This car embodies Ferrari’s values—creativity, style, quality, and winning.

Interesting Fact: The Ferrari 250 GTO initially didn’t have a name and was referred to as “The Monster” for most of its development.

The Ferrari 250 GTO wasn’t just a cool sports car; it was a winning racer, capturing championships all over the world, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Today, only 36 models remain, and all are accounted for. But if any model were to become available, you can be sure it’d be one of the most desired classics in the automotive world.

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