What To Look When Finding a Mechanic for Your Classic Car

November 08, 2022

What To Look When Finding a Mechanic for Your Classic Car

Finding a mechanic can be tough for car owners, especially when the car is a fragile classic. If you’re having trouble finding a mechanic for your classic car, our helpful guide will explain the key things to look for in your search.


The first thing you want to confirm with a potential mechanic before you trust them with your precious car is their certifications. Every mechanic who works on your vehicle should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Most mechanics and auto shops proudly display certifications, but you’ll still want to ask if every mechanic who works on the classic car is certified—if not, that’s a red flag.


Perhaps the most important thing to look for when finding a mechanic for your classic car is previous experience. For such a prized vehicle, you want a mechanic that has been around for some time and has a lot of jobs under their belt.

Experience isn’t everything, but it’s significant when working with older vehicles that require more attention to detail and care than the standard car. Ask the mechanic if they’ve ever worked on your specific make and model before. If they haven’t, you may want to consider someone with more experience.


Many classic car owners find a mechanic through word of mouth and personal references. The classic car ownership community is often tight-knit, and many are happy to share references for quality mechanics in their area with others.

Look at auto and classic car clubs in your area and ask what auto shop they use when they need service.

Pro tip: If the mechanic you’re thinking about has worked on a car like yours before, ask for the vehicle owner’s information. Speak with them directly to ask what they thought of the service.

Quality Facilities

The mechanic is crucial, but you should also scrutinize the facilities the mechanic works in. You want to trust your vehicle is in capable hands—part of that trust is a high-quality and clean facility.

Ask to tour the shop to better inspect the equipment and machinery they have on hand. Take note of how clean the facility is and how the staff interacts and works on the cars.

Warranty Policy

Finally, you should ask the mechanic about their warranty policies and if they have a guarantee on their work. Most mechanics offer at least a one-year guarantee or the mileage equivalent warranty for new parts, but you want to be sure before committing.

Compare and contrast the different shops you’re considering and what they offer for warranties and guarantees of work.

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