Multi-Point Inspection:

Ideal Classic Cars is not just a classic car dealer. We are now offering the same in-house service of our classic cars to the public and their prized possessions.

All our inventory is pushed through our multi-Point inspection process to ensure it's up to our standards and safe to be out on the road and enjoyed. We are now extending that service to the public with their personal classics. When you have us Inspect your car, we will be sure you are aware of any and all concerns or issues with a comprehensive list of what we found good and what we found should validate attention and or repair.


What exactly is included in the Multi-Point Inspection?



  • Gauge’s assesment (Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel, Temp etc.)
  • Seat belts are functioning properly (if equipped)
  • Turn Signal Indicators are functioning 
  • Courtesy light’s function if equipped
  • Door handles and locks operate properly
  • Horn operates
  • Driver’s seat adjustments are functional



  • Windows go up and down properly 
  • Doors open and close properly with proper alignment 
  • Headlights (high and low beam) are functional
  • Brake and taillights are functional 
  • Turn signal and parking lights are functional
  • Tag light is functional 
  • Hood Door and Trunk alignment is in spec
  • Convertible top functions
  • Hood and trunk latches function properly
  • Wiper blades inspected and wiper’s function



  • All Suspension components including Bushings, end links etc. Are checked
  • Grease all points with grease fittings
  • Alignment checked if the vehicle is pulling while driving or braking
  • Axle bearings and seals are inspected for wear
  • Shocks are inspected for leaks
  • Power steering fluid is checked and topped off (if equipped)
  • Torque checked on fasteners
  • Steering wheel is straight
  • Check for vibrations
  • Check for major leaks
  • Check the transmission operation
  • Check and top off Transmission and Differential fluids
  • Set tire pressure



  • Brake pads/shoes checked 
  • Wheel Cylinders checked for leaks
  • Emergency brake operated if equipped
  • Brakes function with no pull under braking conditions
  • Check brake fluid level and condition



  • Engine starts, idles, and runs properly
  • Gaskets and seals free of major leaks
  • Check and top off oil and coolant and check antifreeze protection value
  • Check the drive belts
  • Cooling fan/Clutch fan operates



  • Gas cap inspected
  • System inspected for leaks



  • Battery Tested For voltage, Charging, and cranking amps
  • Battery terminals inspected
  • Battery Hold Down is present 



  • Checked to be free from major exhaust leaks
  • Hangers inspected